It is my belief that the sensory is the medium by which we digest the information that surrounds us – images captivate our eyes, surfaces tease the thought of touch, scents and smells perfume the air we breathe and make us salivate in anticipation. An atmosphere of information drowns us in its overwhelming ambience, to such degree that we no longer are aware of it until it is made explicit. Its mass engulfs us daily, yet we are able to absorb it selectively, consciously, and bring it into focus, contextualizing it in relationship to ourselves. I am driven by this experience of the everyday and the comparable experiences of art. It is through the selective use of a body of objects and images, both created and found, that my work challenges the viewer to consider art and the everyday as one in the same. It is my belief that in finding meaning we must begin with an acceptance that what is known is uncertain – from this, by questioning the everyday, we arrive at art that is of humanity, not merely by it.

Art is the everyday.
Every day is art.