It is my belief that the sensory is the medium by which we digest the information that surrounds us – images captivate our eyes, surfaces tease the thought of touch, scents and smells perfume the air we breathe and make us salivate in anticipation, an atmosphere of sound drowns us in an overwhelming ambience. A mass of information exists, yet we are able to absorb it selectively, consciously, and bring it into focus for singular purposes. I am driven by the conversation of the sensorial, the ability to communicate thoughts, feelings, facts, and narratives through visual, material, and intellectual means. It is through the selective use of a body of objects and images, both created and found, that my work exists to communicate with the viewer. Inspiration finds me through the objects as they are found, unaltered, following their natural forms to infer the next piece, and the next, until there is nothing left to complete or compliment the work as a whole. If my works were sentences, the individual pieces would represent the words that are intuitively strung together to communicate a thought, left for the viewer to read and interpret its meaning.